Yellow card and red card in cricket

Yellow and red cards are given in some team sports like rugby,football etc.

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There is no system of cards in Cricket. The instances you mentioned were funny ones.

  1. Shane Warne was shown a yellow card during the Tsunami welfare match between ICC World XI and Asia XI. Here, Shane Warne at the end of 49.5 overs of the first innings ran to the pavilion presuming the overs quota was completed. The Umpire Billy Bowden called him back and showed him a yellow card (for fun) and asked to continue batting.

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  1. Glenn McGrath’s red card instance happened during the first ever T20 international between Aus and NZ. The players were rather in celebratory mode as it was the inaugural match. McGrath bowled (Rather rolled) the last ball of the innings to Kyle Mills as an under arm delivery prompting Billy Bowden, the umpire then, to show him a red card.

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