Why does Sugar Island belong to USA?

The attached map below is just a picture from google maps
I know posting such pictures might not be a good practice, but I needed to specify the position of Sugar Island and St Joseph Island.

My question is:

Who, when, and what happened there, that caused Sugar Island to be part of USA, instead of Canada, as St Joseph Island is?

If it is a long or complex story, just point me out to some links where I can read more about it.

If there were many changes, like for instance, with Alsace-Lorraine, then let’s just keep the last one, so that we don’t extent it too much.

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Edit: Comments suggested looking at two Wikipedia articles, Sugar Island and Webster Ashburton Treaty. They summarize it as follows:

The treaty clarified the channel that the border would follow between Lake Huron and Lake Superior, awarding Sugar Island to the U.S.

This treaty is the certainly the proximate cause for why Sugar Island is part of the US. However I am more interested in the ultimate cause. In other words, the Wikipedia article lacks any indication of why this island was awarded to the US.

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