Why did Force India get docked all constructors points?

Prior to the Hungarian Grand Prix, Sahara Force India entered administration and was bought out by the consortium Racing Point UK, renaming themselves Racing Point Force India in the Belgian Grand Prix but with zero points in the constructors championship.

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Racing Point Force India count as a new team, that’s why they start with no points. The points from old Sahara Force India went away with their exclusion.

When Sahara Force India’s entry was excluded from the championship,
the team’s 59 points from the first 12 races of the season went with
it. As a new entry, Racing Point Force India starts the Belgian Grand
Prix on zero points and its final championship position for 2018 will
be determined by the points it accrues relative to its rivals from
this weekend onwards. The drivers keep their points in the drivers’
championship in the same way that a driver who switched teams mid
season would keep theirs.


Wikipedia also states:

A consortium led by Lawrence Stroll purchased the racing assets and
operations of Force India through a company named Racing Point UK Ltd.
Force India was then excluded from the Championship on grounds of
their inability to participate in events. This allowed a new team
known as “Racing Point Force India” to apply for a late entry and
begin the championship from the Belgian Grand Prix.

  1. Force India’s (FI) assets were sold to Racing Point (RP), but the FI company itself wasn’t
  2. The assets no longer belonged to FI.
  3. FIA excluded FI due to their inability to continue (no assets left to race).
  4. RP applied for the vacant spot as late entry.
  5. RP now finishes the season with a new team using FI’s assets.
  6. It must keep the name Force India, because that’s the chassis name, which cannot be changed during a season.

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