Which Marathons to run? [closed]

For many years, one of my major “running” dreams have been to run the New York Marathon – the bridges, the people and the grand background. But I recently found out that the “qualifying time standards” for the run has been changed, so there are really no chance for me going there…

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Having done 37 marathons I can say some are definitely nicer than others. Rating them is an impossible task. I do recommend NYC at least once. I have guided disabled athletes 4 times now at NYC (run it 5 times myself) and doing it as a guide is a very different perspective and an amazing experience. (Thus I can say I have run across the Verezanno Narrows bridge with 40,000 other people, and as a group of 50 people on the early start for disabled athletes. Both ways are awesome!)

For example Salt Lake City is in July, starts on a mountain top at 5:30AM (start was 55F, finish was 110F) and has tons of downhill, however most of it is outside the city in the mountains and was beautiful.

Chicago is still easy to get into, and is a great big city marathon. There is something unique about 40,000 people starting with you. (I have done NYC 9 times, and Chicago once).

Cincinnati is a smaller race, but has great crowd support and a very bizarre pig theme that is probably taken a smidgen too far.

Often the race directors try to get the course through interesting areas. In St Louis they run through the Budweiser factory which is sort of clever.

On the other hand, Mississauga marathon, a city outside Toronto is pretty boring, and I have done it twice, but would probably not do it again. Not much in terms of sights. As is London, Ontario (Forest City marathon, also done it twice, so I clearly ignore my own advice).

Atlanta was nice but nothing special.

I have a friend who did all seven continents and she greatly enjoyed all of them. If you can get to the point where a marathon is ‘fun’, then you are most of the way there.

There are so many races all over the world, pretty much every weekend, that you can travel where ever you like to do a race.

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