What would be the essential things to learn to get good enough to play on a small football team?

Alright. So for a bit of backstory I am 16 and until this point in my life I have been a rugby player in the UK, and honestly a very good one. I truly believe I had a shot at a professional career, and was lined up for some scholarships. However a recent seizure led to me being taken to a hospital where it was discovered I had a partially inoperable benign brain tumour. It is above the brain mass that controls movement on the left side of my body and as I am left handed they want to avoid surgery at all costs unless my seizures become more frequent, so basically it stays and I take pills forever. At my age even if I did get surgery (which they don’t want) it would be a minimum of 2 years before I’d be allowed to play rugby again. That basically means I’ve missed my shot and I won’t get another, pro rugby is done for me.

2 Answers

  1. The rules/laws and regulations you’ll be playing under. This gives you a sense of the structure behind the game, and for example, why it’s being kicked in from there instead of here, or why that player got a card when this one isn’t, and an idea of what you can or can’t do, when and where.
    Full rules/laws can usually be found on official international governing body websites, with national and local changes often on their respective association websites.
  2. Basic skills. How to move in possession, how to pass, how to receive, how to shoot, how to dispossess opponents, how to block shots.
  3. Basic tactics. These can vary by code and by team structure, but some universals include switching play, counter attack, offside trap, set-play positioning and motive.

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