What team has the shortest “longest losing streak” within a season in MLB history?

Don’t know if the wording of the title makes sense, but I want to know what team had the longest losing streak that was the shortest in MLB history (or at least the live ball era)

2 Answers

Since 1920, the start of the live-ball era, the shortest losing streak among MLB teams with 100+ wins in one season appears to be 3.

The following teams achieved this (including a couple of teams that didn’t get to 100 wins):

  • 1928 Yankees
  • 1932 Yankees
  • 1940 Reds
  • 1954 Yankees
  • 1970 Orioles
  • 1980 Yankees
  • 1988 Dodgers (98 wins)
  • 2003 Braves
  • 2005 Cardinals
  • 2016 Indians (94 wins)

The following teams have also achieved this, but with a 4-game (or more) non-winning streak (ie, a tie occurred among the losses):

  • 1936 Yankees
  • 1968 Tigers

I used Baseball Reference’s streak analyzer for my findings. In theory, a .500 team can have a losing streak of only 1. Moreover, it is possible that a under 100-win team can have a shorter losing streak than 3. However, with respect to conjecture, these scenarios are unlikely…but will yield to any season that happens to have a shorter losing streak than 3.

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