What portion of Northerners were against slavery for humanitarian reasons in 1860 America?

In a Civil war History class, I heard that the percentage of people who favored the abolition of slavery was quite low in the North. Furthermore I understand that, at the time, some of the main arguments for abolition of slavery had nothing to do with caring for the welfare of slaves. Some disliked slave owners because they were wealthy and powerful, others wanted to get blacks out of the country altogether because they thought them to be undesirable. For example:

…states like Oregon, Illinois, Ohio, and Indiana passed constitutional
provisions banning black settlement within their boundaries.
Free-Soil, Whig, and Republican politicians like David Wilmot
supported these measures because they protected white labor from
possible competition from free blacks, exposing the racist roots of
free labor ideology in the 1840s and 1850s.

Approximately what portion of the population in the North in 1860 (or slightly earlier if the data is better) wanted to end slavery because it was a brutal practice that violated the human rights and dignity of slaves?

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