What is a declaration?

I am following a conversation:

An owner claims there is mold inside. He indicates that it was caused by a hurricane. Hurricane / Flood Insurance indicates it is not covered. I believe that the Associations Governing docs indicates that it is interior damage is the responsibility of the owner (not the association): is this correct?

This question of responsibility is fact dependent on what caused the mold, meaning who was negligent. Also, we will need to examine your declaration to determine the parametric boundaries of the unit.

QUESTION: What is a ‘declaration’ document in the last sentence? Where is this normally found online? Example would be appreciated.

2 Answers

According to this, the declaration is the information that is specific to the insurance policy (i.e. name, location, policy limits, etc.) Therefore I would imagine that the sentence is referring to what is written in the policy, whether or not the interior is the responsibility of the owner.

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