What happens if the result of match was found wrong after the match day?

Consider a situation where Team A and Team B are playing a cricket match,

2 Answers

No. The result stands. Law 21.10 (Result not to be changed) is very clear:

Once the umpires have agreed with the scorers the correctness of the scores at the conclusion of the match – see Laws 3.15 (Correctness of scores) and 4.2 (Correctness of scores) – the result cannot thereafter be changed.

In a controversial Test match at The Oval in 2006, the umpires held that Pakistan had forfeited the match due to refusing to take the field, and that England had therefore won. This result was then controversially overturned by the ICC, who declared that the result should be considered a draw. However, the ICC later changed the result back to the original decision, a forfeit, after the MCC – the custodians of the Laws – declared that this would set a “dangerous precedent,” and that the ICC had no power to change the result. All this underlined the fact that the umpires’ decision must stand.

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