What do Spain get for winning Euro 2012?

So Spain, the winners of Euro 2012, now have a UEFA Trophy in their hands and a handful of winners medals for good measure.

2 Answers

Spain won €23 million according to the following calculation:

  1. €8m fixed for playing in UEFA EURO 2012.
  2. €0.5m for the draw against Italy.
  3. €1m for winning the game against Ireland.
  4. €1m for winning the game against Croatia.
  5. €2m for participating in the quarter-final against France.
  6. €3m for participating in the semi-final against Portugal.
  7. Finally, €7.5m for winning UEFA EURO 2012.

Participating teams at the UEFA EURO 2012 final tournament will pay
the fixed participation contribution fee per team of €8m. Further, a
performance bonus at the group stage of €0.5m per draw and €1m per win
was fixed, as well as a bonus of €1m to the third-placed team in the
group. The quarter-finalists will each receive €2m, the semi-finalists
€3m, the runners-up €4.5m and the winners of UEFA EURO 2012 €7.5m.
Thus the total amount available for distribution is €196m (up from
€184m for UEFA EURO 2008).


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