What do referees do during halftime?

This question largely pertains to basketball and American football. I’ve seen footage from the team locker rooms during halftime where the coaches and players go over issues from the first half that need to be addressed, key statistics, etc.

2 Answers

Especially in this age of ‘on demand’ media, NBA referees will take this time to analyze specific plays, fouls, flopping and potential arguments that might carry over to second half between two opposing players or between a particular referee and coach/player. The head referee will also critique his crew and make adjustments for second half. And as mentioned above its an opportunity to ‘relax’ and rehydrate.

Here’s a good behind the scenes of NBA referee’s halftime routines (around 2min mark): http://www.nba.com/video/channels/nba_tv/2013/04/17/20130416-monty-mccutchen-feat.nba/index.html

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