Were the (early 17th C) arrivers/colonists to North America (USA) outcasts from European societies?

I have heard that early pilgrims for ‘the new world’ (North America / USA) left because they were indigent and had no support in their homelands. I have also heard that some were criminals or otherwise.

I know that some groups, such as Mennonites, Harmonites and/or their predecessors, left because their religious beliefs and practices were not accepted by local communities in Europe, and they sought refuge to practice in peace.

The Wikipedia article on the Mayflower says that the Mayflower

transported English and Dutch Separatists and other adventurers referred to by the Separatists as “the Strangers”

How were the initial migrants to the ‘new world’ seen by their neighbors and countrymen in Europe? Who were these ‘Strangers’?

Edit: I have found this break-out of the passenger list, which helps paint a picture to the answers here.

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