Typical daily/weekly in-season training schedule of an NBA team

I am interested in the typical daily and weekly training schedules of an NBA team (or any other professional sport team) during the season. I did some research, but this seems not too easy to find. I don’t necessarily want to know every detail (as this is probably not something teams and coaches will reveal), but I’m very interested in some rough numbers:

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It is dependent on the player: skill level, mindset, contract, and particularly age. A lot of young players, in less organized franchises, have varying routines. Some older players (JJ Redick, Kyle Korver types) prefer shorter, high intensity workouts.

In terms of practice this is the most varied according to the coach. Coaches like Stan Van Gundy, Tom Thibedeau, and Steve Clifford are known for intense practices and shoot-arounds while Brad Stevens prefers lighter practices. A lot of players get in a few hours of work: shooting with player development coaches, lifting, and taking care of their bodies both before practices/games and after practices.

A few good sources: JJ Redick’s podcast on the Vertical (Yahoo), Brian Zormelo’s bestballanalytics.com (KD’s trainer), Accelerate sports (works with the Warriors during the season and the off-season), a great piece (can’t find right now) from Grantland on Spurs’ shooting coach Chip England. It is difficult to find anything that will tell you about all players because it varies to their ability, motivation, age, and team but I hope this will help you get a glimpse of some details. Ultimately, in your searches, find anything that comes from player development staff or players themselves because they will do the best job alerting you to their personal routines.

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