Scores of men’s vs. women’s teams

In some sports, two teams compete against each other for a set amount of time (e.g. soccer, basketball) or another fixed quantity (like baseball). In those sports, do men’s teams score more points on average (against each other) than women’s teams, or vice versa? Or is there not any noticeable difference?

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In soccer it’s due to the much bigger difference between the best teams and the others. While in men’s world cups it’s kinda rare to outscore a team by 5-6 goals it’s even likely for the women to outscore an opponent by 10 goals. In competitions with more equal teams you won’t see that many goals anymore.

The following chart shows the difference of goals per match for the German Bundesliga. Last year the men even scored more, while the female teams’ performance difference was on an equal level (Thanks to the Hamburger SV taking beatings regularly). Unlike the men’s league the women’s league always has one or two teams getting beat up badly, thus increasing the statistics. (13/14 it was Sindelfingen with 4:123 goals, which led to the 3,95 goals per match)

bundesliga men/women

[Graph source (German)]

If you look at handball you won’t see a difference that big. This is because the teams are not that different. You still have the best regularly beating the not-so-good teams, but the difference between men and women is gone.

For example last year’s record of goals per match from Germany:

League  |  Men  |  Women
  1       53.96    54.57
  2       53.41    53.59
  3       59.90    52.30

[Results taken from here (German)]

So it’s no general “problem” of the gender. It just depends on the performance difference within a competition.

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