Is there a limit on the number of events that a track and field athlete may enter in one meet?

At the high school level, my local district limited an athlete to four events in one track and field meet. Famous sprinters like Carl Lewis have won four gold medals in one meet and other track and field athletes often compete in multiple related events (shotput and discus, sprints and relays, sprints and various jumps, etc.).

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I looked through the IAAF Competition Rules [PDF]. The most relevant piece I saw was rule 142.3, Simultaneous Entries, which basically permits the referee to allow a participant to compete in the high jump or pole vault out-of-order. I didn’t find anything from the IOC, but I doubt they’d impose an extra limit (especially considering the apparent lack of one in swimming). Plus, the rules are focused on preventing athletes from gaining an unfair advantage, I don’t think more events are going to help an athlete gain an advantage.

There may be high-school athletic associations that limit event entries, IIRC my high school association had a limit of four, which couldn’t all be the same area (Track|Field), e.g. 3 track and a field event.

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