Is it against the rules to head the ball back to your goalie?

While I was reading the Laws of the Game to look for an answer to another question, I came to read the following bit:

2 Answers

You are misinterpreting the rule; you can pass the ball to your goalie using your head, chest or whatever. What you can’t do, is to pass the ball using a trick, like for example the goalie gives the ball to a defender, and then the defender does some juggling to raise the ball,and head it back to the goalie.

But according to the rule, you could lift the ball to another player who can then pass it to the goalkeeper, and this is not illegal in the spirit of the law (since the law always refer to one player).

The ball can be passed to the goalie in the flow of the game with any legal body part, even with your feet, if that was not your intention (if you try to kick the ball and you miss it, or if you try to deflect it and it goes to your goal).

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