If you can’t change an injured goalkeeper, what can you do?

In football (or soccer for NA people), I wonder what would you be able to do if the following scenario was to happen:

1 Answer

According to IFAB Laws of the Game, Law 3 – The Players, 1. Number of players:

A match is played by two teams, each with a maximum of eleven players;
one must be the goalkeeper.

And 4. Changing the goalkeeper:

Any of the players may change places with the goalkeeper if:

  • the referee is informed before the change is made
  • the change is made during a stoppage in play

Therefore, if a goalkeeper is sent off with a red card or can’t continue to play because of injury after all substitutions are made, one of the outfield players must take over his position. The total number of players will be reduced to 10 from 11.

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