Identify A Red Book Glimpsed On Subway, “City Of…”

Help me ID a book, seen on subway:

Book in new condition, undersized hardcover, red cloth cover. No dustjacket in evidence, but probably originally had one. Endpapers clearly had maps on them, probably regional maps, not city maps. Title appeared to be “City Of something“, where the “something” had an S somewhere in the middle. Title appeared solely on spine. Title font was blocky, with triangular serifs, similar to the font used in the “Blades In The Dark” logo.

Many thanks…

EDIT: Further notes: I saw it today, in Boston. The book is in English, and appeared to be fiction. Page count appeared to be somewhere around 200, possible higher.

It’s been identified as City Of Bastards by Andrew Shvarts. -JW

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