How was the dynamics of a naval battle in the 17th century?

I’m curious about the “mechanical” aspects in the course of a naval battle in the 17th century.
To explain better, here are some questions whose answers would provide a text-answer explaining the course of a battle:

  • What were the distances between the vessels?
  • Did they have one single burst with all cannons or were they cadenced?
  • How long did it take from one burst to another (if they were cadenced)?
  • How long did a battle take?
  • How much damage could a vessel take (for each of the common types in that age)?
  • Is there a common number of vessels in a fleet? That is, what is the number of vessels the one would commonly see in a battle, if there were a number?
  • Is all this related to territory? That is, battles were different in europe, central america, north america, etc.?
  • What else?

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