How many balls are used in a typical World Cup game?

I’ve noticed that often after a ball goes out a different ball is used. Also I don’t know if the same ball will be used for both halves (plus extra time). So how many balls are used during a typical FIFA World Cup 2014 game?

2 Answers

This article from The Guardian says that:

In total 3,240 balls were used throughout the tournament (2014 FIFA
World Cup Brazil)
, 20 for each match

Generally, FIFA Laws of the Game Law 02 – The Ball: 3. Additional balls only states that:

Additional balls which meet the requirements of Law 2 (technical requirements) may be placed
around the field of play and their use is under the referee’s control.

Side note:

The accepted answer incorrectly references to Law 02 – The Ball: 2. Replacement of a defective ball.

The ball may not be changed during the match without the referee’s

The following statement applies only to defective balls, as it is written under “Replacement of a defective ball section”, and it doesn’t apply to any balls.

E.g. if suddenly a player realizes that the ball he was playing with is defect, he has to notify the referee first and then change the ball, but if he changes a normal ball during throw-in, there’s no need to notify the referee.

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