How long should I expect a golf glove to last before wearing out?

I currently play with a Nike DuraFeel golf glove on my leading hand. It’s practical, it works, and it fits “like a glove” (as in perfectly; not too tight but nothing to spare). Sometimes I’ll glove both hands; I usually only do this at the range when I’m hitting bucket after bucket, but usually on the course I need to get in and out of my right pocket for tees, spare balls etc which is more difficult with a glove.

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Am I doing something wrong in my grip causing premature wear?

Are you pressing your thumb on the grip of the club as hard as you could? I can see friction playing a factor there.

Otherwise, I would visit a local golf pro and see what s/he has to say about your grip and why your gloves wear prematurely. S/he can do a lot more to help you in person than I can online.

Would a more expensive glove last longer, or just waste money on “better feel” (for the first round before it stiffens)?

I have used two pairs of gloves, a Nike DuraFeel and a FootJoy WeatherSof.

I used the DuraFeel for about two years (approx. 10 rounds and 25 visits to the range). It did get stiff and dirty, but it is still useable (if I wanted to use it today, I could).

For the past two years (same approx.), I have used the WeatherSof. It is the best glove I ever used. It is very breatheable and more durable than the DuraFeel. In fact, it doesn’t feel stiff at all after how long I’ve used it.

Both gloves cost around $10-15 USD. Therefore, I would not recommend purchasing a more expensive glove (unless a local golf pro recommends otherwise).

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