How does one get 5 points in a football game?

During today’s Niners vs Seahawks game, the score by the end of the first half was 0-5.

1 Answer

You can also get 2 points for a safety, when the offensive team commits an infraction or is tackled in their own end zone. In addition to scoring 2 points, the defending team also receives the ball via a free kick. They are rare, but there have already been a few this season.

So these are the possible ways to score:

  1. Touchdown – 6 points
  2. Field Goal – 3 Points
  3. Two Point Conversion* (following a touchdown) – 2 points
  4. Safety – 2 points
  5. Point After Touchdown* (field goal-style kick) – 1 point
  6. (NCAA, and NFL as of 2015) Blocked extra point try (or any turnover on a PAT or 2-point conversion) is run back – 2 points for defense.
  7. Extra point attempt that results in a safety for either side – 1 point

In the game you are referencing, there was a safety and then a field goal, resulting in a 5 point score for Seattle.

*A Two Point Conversion or a Point After Touchdown can only be attempted immediately following a scored touchdown. The team must choose to attempt one or the other.

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