How do you make 100 free throws in a row?

One day during shooting I thought about how many consecutive free throws I could make. It ended in a bet (mainly with myself) that I could do 100 in a row by the end of the season. Working on that goal on and off for a few weeks, I realized that it is hard but still possible. I made 29 consecutive on day one and since then improved to 38. That does not seem like a big improvement, but the number of longer streaks increased a lot and it definitely helped improve my form and my overall shooting.

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I can give some advice as to what I did to improve my free throws and how that may help in your quest for 100 consecutive.
Just to give you a measure, I left high school shooting 27% from the free throw line. Yes, you read correctly, 27%. I’m 6’5″ and played center while in high school.

After being recruited, my future college coach told me that if I wanted to play my freshman year I needed to get that above 65%. By the time my freshman season started I was shooting 84% (from preseason averages) and would regularly shoot over 90% when shooting 100 FT at the end of practice.

My method:

  • Main thing I needed to change was to stop treating my free throw shot as “unique” from my other shooting attempts during the game. Instead, I shot my FTs just like I shoot my jumpers in a game. For me that was simply one dribble and shoot.
  • When practicing FTs I always made sure to do them after doing some other drill, be that running, shooting, dribbling, etc. That way you get used to shooting FTs when your legs are tired, arms are tired, mind is tired, or anything of the sort.
  • While practicing, every FT must be as if its the first meaning, don’t make one FT and then just keep your legs stationary while someone passes you back the ball. Re-set every single time so that you get used to having to find your optimum set up.
  • Fix your form! This will not only help you shoot FTs but will also help your jumper. Add arc to your shot; that’s probably the best thing most can do for their game – simply improve the chance the ball will go through the basket. The higher the arc, the larger the area the ball must be within in order to go through the hoop…physics.
  • Spread your fingers out as much as you can. I had a bad habit of keeping my fingers really close together which didn’t give me much control of the ball. Spread fingers also force your hand to “flick” your wrist better in turn leading to better ball rotation on the shot.
  • Don’t forget about the basics: bend legs, hands in cookie jar, etc.

So how will this help with consecutive FT makes? Muscle memory and stamina. I’m out of college now and haven’t practice free throws in god knows how long yet I continue to shoot a high percentage whenever I play any sort of league. After reading your post (yesterday) I went to the gym and shot 100 FTs to see how I would fare: 92/100. I didn’t keep track of how many in a row (I missed my first 3) but I’m fairly certain I was over 40 in a row before my last miss which ironically enough was at the hundredth FT (lack of focus I guess).

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