Does the batsman get runs on No ball when the team requires only 1 run to win?

Suppose, A batsman is on strike with 98 runs. The scores are level so the batting team requires only 1 run to win. Now suppose in the next ball, the bowler bowls a No ball and the batsman hits FOUR or SIX. Will the batsman reach to his century or not?

5 Answers

I found it! When the batting team requires only 1 run to win and batsman scores run(s) on No ball it does not count towards batsman’s runs. So in the given case the batsman will remain on 98 and batting side will win the match.

Real Case:

In the 3rd match between Sri Lanka and India in Sri Lanka Triangular Series, 2010 (between Sri Lanka, India and New Zealand), India required 1 run to win and Virender Sehwag was on strike with 99 runs. Suraj Randiv was the bowler. He bowled a No ball and Sehwag smashed a Six but still Sehwag remained on 99 runs because India won the match before he score runs. Have a look at commentary on Cricinfo (see from 35th over).

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