Do caution laps count in average speed?

Often, when reporting the results of an automobile race, one will see a driver’s average speed given. Does this average speed include caution laps, or are they discounted for the purposes of determining time/distance?

2 Answers

The following race series use caution laps as a part of the average race speed

I know of no race series that does not include caution laps into the average speed of the overall race. The series listed in particular do incorporate all track time for checkered flag (start) to checkered flag (finish) into the average race speed.

  • MotoGP

  • Formula 1

  • World Superbike

  • British Superbike


  • World Endurance Championship

  • Motocross Grand Prix

  • Supercross

  • British Touring Cars

  • Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters

  • Rolex Sports Car Series

  • IRL (Indy Racing League)

  • World Touring Car Championship

  • FIA GT1 World Championship

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