Can I bounce the ball after it is rolling in Basketball?

In Basketball, let’s say I am dribbling and involuntarily the ball hit my hand wrongly and starts rolling (not bouncing). If I tap it from above and get it bouncing again, is that a double dribble? According to the links below it seems that re-bouncing a rolling ball is allowed.

1 Answer

To my experiences, it is not considered to be a double dribble according the FIBA rules. I have this action being performed several times during a game when I was coaching. None of the referees did call a foul.

A more objective explanation is this: The rolling of the ball is also being considered as being part of the first dribble, so resuming the dribble without deliberately stopping the ball will not stop the dribble. Even if the ball has stopped rolling, the payer hasn’t stopped the ball with its hands.

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