Can Canada now be called an Olympic hockey dynasty? [closed]

I heard this is the first team to win back to back gold medals in hockey in the last 26 years. Does that deserve the title of “dynasty”?

2 Answers

To be honest, Canada could have been considered a dynasty for the past 100 years now; there have been 12 best vs best tournaments in the history of hockey, this is how it breaks down:

  1. 1976 Canada Cup
  2. 1981 Canada Cup
  3. 1984 Canada Cup
  4. 1987 Canada Cup
  5. 1991 Canada Cup
  6. 1996 World Cup of Hockey
  7. 1998 Olympics
  8. 2002 Olympics
  9. 2004 World Cup of Hockey
  10. 2006 Olympics
  11. 2010 Olympics
  12. 2014 Olympics

Canada has won 8 of these tournaments, I’m sure you can pick out which ones, no other country has won more than 1. Canada has been a dynasty for the past…forever.

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