Can a switch hitter change positions during an at bat?

Just thought about this while playing wiffleball earlier. During a baseball/softball/wiffleball game, can a switch-hitting batter just switch positions in-between pitches during an at-bat or when he calls time? I know this could be dangerous or just an odd thing to do but I’ve never heard rules against it so is it allowed?

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According to

A batter may switch to the other box after every pitch if he so
desires. He may do it on any ball strike count. One of the oldest
myths in baseball is the one that says you can’t switch boxes when you
have two strikes on you.

The only restriction on the batter is that he may not step into the other box after the pitcher is in position ready to pitch. Rule

So by the wording of the MLB rule, the batter can’t switch batters boxes after the pitcher is set:

6.06 (b) He steps from one batters box to the other while the pitcher is in position ready to pitch;

There appear to be no other restrictions specific to switch-hitters.

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