Badminton Ranking System for Friendly games?

We have a group of 15-16 Badminton players who play double every weekend. The players are individual and choose the partner player randomly while playing. We are thinking to build a ranking system to the players. Is there a formula we can adapt to decide the play order and rank the players?

3 Answers

Providing that teams are not fixed, Elo (and Glicko too) does not fit your needs, because it’s designed for 1-on-1 matches only.

You need something that manages both team performance and players’ rating, as TrueSkill or rankade, our free-to-use rating system. Here’s a comparison between aforementioned ranking systems.

If you’re interested in use (more than in development), you should give a try to rankade. It can manage small to large playing groups, and it features rankings, stats, and more. We host many badminton groups/clubs, as well as other sports/games ones (here’s our dojo).

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