Are coins usually turned around before handed to beggars?

I was reading Antinatalism on Wikiquote and saw
Antinatalism – Wikiquote

Above all, we must make the reproductive question ethically relevant. A coin is turned around before it is handed to the beggar, yet a child is unflinchingly tossed into cosmic bruteness.

I don’t speak Norwegian and don’t know if this was translated well. Don’t people just toss coins to beggars? I never seen someone in New York turning around a coin. Am I missing figuration?

The original text is:

Fremfor alt må vi gjøre forplantningsspørsmålet etisk relevant. Man endevender en mynt under valgets kvide, før man gir den til tiggeren. Men et barn slænger man ut i den kosmiske råskap uten å blunke.

  • P W Zapffe, Essays og epistler, page 161, last paragraph

A literal translation would be something like:

They turn the coin in the anguish of indecision, before giving it to the beggar. But a child they throw into the cosmic brutality without blinking.

A better translation of the bold text is:

A coin is examined, and only after careful deliberation, given to a beggar, whereas a child is flung out into the cosmic brutality without hesitation.

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