Are all of the lines on a tennis court the same width?

I was at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden for the BNP Paribas Open and took the following photo of center court.

2 Answers

It is not an optical illusion – some courts have a thicker baseline painted because it is supposed to

1) make it a little easier for the people calling the lines to see whether the ball was in or out. Not all courts have a thicker baseline, but it is more common among courts used for professional matches. Thus, your standard public park / recreational courts are not likely to have a thicker baseline.

2) It typically helps the players see the baseline opposite them a little easier – since it is the line farthest from the players viewing position.

Also – it is mentioned in the specifications for building a tennis court. See Page 9 here:

2.5.1 Court Lines.

The centre service line and centre mark line must be 50mm wide. All other lines except the base line may be 25mm-50mm wide. The base line may be 25mm-100mm wide.

Personally I have played on courts with both a standard thickness base line and a 100mm thick baseline and it has not made much difference to me as far as visibility is concerned.

Here is an additional page that is a good reference on court dimensions and line widths.

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